Mike Brook’s Martley Rock App

It’s here and it’s FREE! A new app from Brooks Design, to complement the 17 that cover the length of the GeoParkway.  The new one builds on its predecessors, containing an absolute wealth of information and when you try it first time please do NOT think that you had seen it all, because I can assure you, you will not have done.  MartleyRocksFlyerThe full colour, GPS located, interactive Android and Apple based app presents maps, information panels, sections, photos and much much more to allow an understanding of and glimpse into how this amazing area situated in the parish of Martley came to be.

Search for MartleyRocks in your app store.

Thank you Mike of Brooks Design, you continue to develop this unique teaching resource; a picture it is said is worth a thousand words, these apps make libraries redundant.  Herefordshire and Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust and ourselves are so very fortunate to have access to you and to these tools.

The app is a component of a much larger project “Voyages in Deep Time” :A bid is shortly to be submitted to the Heritage Lottery Fund, developed by the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust.  The crux of the project is the development of apps (for smartphones/tablets) to engage principally, but not exclusively, a younger audience in the deep time heritage of our planet, with a focus on places in the counties of Herefordshire & Worcestershire. One of those sites of course being Martley!  A number of high profile organisations have kindly provided their backing and future support for the project. The aims of the project are summarised as:

Connect people, primarily young people, with the earth heritage of their surroundings and build appreciation that in the very distant past this place, their home, has been forged through many epic changes in environment, life forms and location.  As a means to achieve this, the proposal is to employ mobile device apps for use in the field, in combination with downloadable learning/creative materials, to facilitate individual/group interpretation of past environments which can then be made available to all via a web hosted interactive gallery. To further stimulate interest from the younger participants an app based game will be created which challenges the players to locate evidence of the deep past, whilst pitted against the clock, each other and challenges emerging from the deep time period they are currently ‘walking over’.


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