15th November 2016

Your committee had a meeting, most unusual, first real get together for many, many months.  It was a good session where we looked at what we are doing, where we think we do well and where we could do better. Here is a summary.  You might have comments, in which case contact me on martleypfo@gmail.com.  Don’t comment from the web site even if you know how because there is so much spam that all comments go to a bin somewhere.

Generally good (we felt)

Evening Meetings–timing, timing, contents, speakers, rock of the month
Library–assistance being sought as standby but library service excellent
Social Events–this year the wine tasting evening a great success, continue with these
Visitors to our area–our tours go down very well, good hosting and itineraries. Expand team of leaders, improve knowledge
Publicity–web site good but needs continual adding to; poster placement needs additional help and place at University too, social media–not started
Visitor Information–good choice of trails with guides and interpretation boards; keep Martley Rock dispenser full, staff in shop need familiarization we felt
Adult education–running at one course per year; is this enough?
Committee–keen team, needs more members co-opted
Displays–generally good but needs gaps filling, there is a separate note about this
Academic–Knighton mapping project very good, missed out on Breccia project, need to work on this

Generally need improvement
Field trips–FT secretary missing from organogram; need a properly set up programme of field trips, can ease this by linking to other societies. Geo-ambles were enjoyed.
Children’s Education–storytelling and courses–none planned but should be, ambassador needed
Work parties–generally poorly attended, same old people though there are enough on the list–schedule once a month might be better

TVGS is busy with the following:

Evening Meetings
Field Trips
Academic Work
Building Stones Project
Mapping Project
Trail Guides
Leaflet Dispensers
Education for Adults
Education for Juniors
Social Events
Host Visiting Groups
Bank Account
Funding Bids
Landowner Links