Work Party 9Feb17

The team met on 9th February–Mike, Hilary, Kay, John, Alan, Ian and self–to tackle over and undergrowth at Lower Farm quarry and do a litter pick at the Canyon.  Weren’t out too long and my photos don’t do justice to the dramatic improvement at Lower House.  See too, the bags of litter we collected at the Canyon.  Good to have a coffee after with those who had the time.  Thanks so much really worthwhile.  Next month tackle Penny Hill.

Later on I met with Christine Rudall, Head of Geography at Chantry School to see if it would be worthwhile resurrecting courses and other activities for young people.   Julie Harrald and Mike Brooks have been very busy working on the Deep Time Project and Chantry children have been helping with this, testing Mike’s apps. Christine asked for an update on the project and I was able to pass this on from Julie after our meeting.  She also asked to be on our email database so she can stay abreast of what the Society is up to. I told her that working with young people is high on our list of objectives but that we need the right person in post to move this forward. In geology things move slowly but I am ever hopeful that each new contact can inch us forward.