Warwickshire Geological Conservation Group 17th June

10 members of WGCG joined us for a tour of some of our sites on the hottest, bluest, best June day for many a year.  After a short talk and a walk around our pop-up display at the hall, Ian escorted them to Martley Rock, back over the Nubbins to lunch in his and Pam’s garden.  I took over at 1.30 whence we drove to Penny Hill, searched for fossils, walked to the top to view the 360 degree panorama stretching back over 700 million years and enjoyed the profusion of yellow birds foot trefoil, purply clover and dancing white dog roses.  We think we saw a few Dingy Skippers, butterflies for whom the trefoil is a favourite snack and why we assist the West Midlands Butterfly Conservation Group to clear away tree growth so the flowers may flourish.  Descending to the path around the old quarry, including Stairway to Heaven down which we proceeded to the other place, via the Canyon and out through a green doorway into the spectacular hill and vale scape of the hidden valley.  This lies between the older Much Wenlock to the East and the higher and younger Aymestry limestone to the West with softer lower Ludlow Shales between–hence the valley.  After a vote on which route to take, we decided to trek to the Rodge Hill ridge to view the Clees, Hay Bluff, Bromyard Plateau and South to the Malverns and possibly Forest of Dean.  Always an inspiring place to be.  So there was a good slice of geology intermixed with a ramble of suitable duration for such a hot day, finishing for most at the Crown for a nice cold beer.