The First Five Hills Walk

The excellent book, Herefordshire’s Rocks and Scenery ISBN 978 1 9010839 16 4 Logaston Press. refers to the Five Hills of Herefordshire from which can be seen the layout of the county and its chief geological features.  Obviously one is immediately tempted to visit these five hills, so it was that 20 of us under the expert guidance of the book’s editor and contributor Dr John Payne, ventured out on Friday 15th September. Choosing the Herefordshire Beacon as the start to this quest to the 5 hills, that is planned to complete over the next 18 months or so, we spent a couple of hours observing landscape features, with clear explanations from John, on how it all came to be.  Well worth the trip, everyone welcome but limited to around 20, watch out for the next one, still to be announced.  Photos and captions all by Moira Jenkins, and very gratefully received by me–thanks Moira!.