October 2017
A short interesting talk and excellent film of the total solar eclipse seen by Sue Olver in Jackson’s Hole, Wyoming, 21st August 2017.  HERE is a blog about the event (not by Sue) but here are three prints from her film (which itself is too large to upload here):

Eclipse nearing totality


Totality with solar flares

The Diamond Ring as the sun re-emerges

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September 2017
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March 2017
ROTM by Alan Bates on contact metamorphism in Maddocks Hill Quarry in Shropshire, near the Ercall.  HERE are some notes that Alan prepared.
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February 2017
ROTM  was a demonstration using the projector
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Bob Allison’s China Blog
Bob taught geology at Chantry School, Martley for eons, inspired generations of youngsters and is a friend and founding member of TVGS.  Read Bob’s ongoing adventures in China (where he is spending a year or so), noted from a geological point of view  HERE

November 2016
ROTM Ian Pennell
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BCGS Newsletter Dec 16

April 2016
ROTM  Owain and Kim Bell
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Link to CASP and to Dr Kershaw’s site Earth Surface Processes

March 2016
Val Preston
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February 2016
ROTM Alan Bates
Geology Pictures from Marli Miller
Speleothems from Prof. Ian Fairchild
Ask Geo-Man a question
An old favourite–Sand Atlas
Earth’s Rarest Minerals Catalogued