Library–Recent Additions

September 17 

  • Herefordshire’s Rocks and Scenery: a Geology of the County’ published by Logaston Press 2017 and edited by Dr John Payne is a must read that everyone is talking about. It’s an excellent guide to the local geology, wonderfully illustrated and packed with information. Written by members of the Geology section of the Woolhope Naturalists’ Field Club, many of the authors belong to our Society and include our President Dr Paul Olver. We have lending copies in the library and will be selling copies at a discounted price of £12.50
  • Geology and environment in Britain and Ireland’ 1994 by Nigel Woodcock the distinguished geologist from Cambridge University, and our September guest speaker. The library also holds Nigel Woodcock’s ‘Geological history of Britain & Ireland’ 2012′, and his ‘Geological excursions in Powys’ 1993
  • Rock trails South Wales’ 2016 is by Paul Gannon, our October guest speaker, and adds to his accessible ‘Rock Trails’ series for hill walkers
  • ‘A Guide to Fossil collecting in England and Wales’ 2017 describes more than 50 UK localities and is packed with photos
  • ‘Introducing the Planets and their Moons’ 2014 is in the popular ‘introducing’ series published by Dunedin

April 17 

  • GeoBritannia Geological Landscapes and the British People’ 2017 looks at how the geology of  Britain influenced its history, culture and art
  • Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ 2015 explores a journey from crust to core with plenty of intriguing information