Library–Recent Additions

November 16

 Richard Selley our key speaker at the June Gala Evening donated ‘The Winelands of Britain: past, present & prospective’

 Donations from Bryan Tainton include the Open University’s ‘Geological field techniques’ and ‘The MacMillan field guide to geological structures’ (as well as three fantastic microscopes–thanks Bryan)

 Donations from Bob Allison include useful GSE and A level course books ‘OCR geology’, ‘Geological science’ and ‘Geoscience, understanding geological processes’.

 Stephen Kershaw donated a collection of research papers on stromatoporoids when he gave his enthusiastic talk in April



March 15

‘A colour atlas of rocks and minerals in thin section’ provides a readable introduction to thin sections and is full of wonderful photographs. Geographer Alwyn Scarth describes a colourful history in ‘Vesuvius a biography’. ‘An introduction to geological structures & maps’ contains a wealth of information, diagrams and excercises has been donated by one of its authors, our TVGS President Paul Olver.

Earlier this year we added four Open University course books on ‘Maps and landscape’, ‘Earth materials’, ‘Internal processes’ and ‘Surface processes’. For those looking for a simpler and shorter approach try one of the ‘Introducing’ range of books published by Dunedin on ‘Geomorphology’, ‘Palaeontology’, ‘Tectonics’ or ‘Volcanology’.