Working Parties

There are five sites we should first and foremost look after–Martley Rock, the Canyon, the Chasm, Lower House, Penny Hill.  On top off that we did very useful strimming at Southstone this year which will need repeating but will not be so difficult 2nd time around.  Martley’s three geology trails and the geo parkway are tended by the Path-or-Nones.
Typical work
Martley Rock-mowing with our walk behind strimmers and brush cutter, leaf gathering and disposal using leaf blower and wheelbarrow, cleaning interpretation boards with soap and water, freshening exposures using spade and trowel

The Canyon–litter from the local tip, occasional creeper removal,

clean interpretation board
Lower House–vegetation removal using above equipment, high level bramble removal using pole hedge trimmer, clean interpretation board, cut back over hanging vegetation with loppers
The Chasm–undergrowth removal mainly, clean interpretation board
Penny Hill–mainly undergrowth removal (this is a restricted site i.e. not public so we ask ned to as permission to visit)